The Last Jazz Fan and Other Poems by Kenneth Salzmann now available

The Last Jazz Fan and Other Poems, a collection of recent and selected poems by Kenneth Salzmann, is now available from and other major online booksellers.

The book has drawn praise from such literary notables as the iconic poet-novelist-activist Marge Piercy, who said, “Salzmann is a rare poet who can draft excellent and moving poems about nature and politics, about love and place, about old age, spirituality and friendship.

“You can feel in the poems the intelligence of the mind that created them and the compassion and wit of the poet.”

Novelist and short story writer Lucia Nevai, a recipient of the Iowa Award for Short Fiction and the author of Seriously (Little Brown) and Salvation (Tin House), said of The Last Jazz Fan and Other Poems, “Here is a mind unfairly comfortable with paradox, be it intellectual, emotional or spiritual — and a heart-breaking voice that is up to the task.”

The Last Jazz Fan and Other Poems contains 31 poems and retails for $10.95.

The Last Jazz Fan

for David Peirce

The last Jazz fan slipped

from the world one night

like the amorphous

notes of a trumpet solo

at closing time. Some say

reedy melodies hovered

above him like nimbus clouds

at the exact moment rhythm

left the room. Explosive riffs

be-bopped across the sky

when the last jazz fan

returned to stardust,

and clarinets cooled

the darkness. Some say

it is the silent spaces between

that describe the song,

but some say the spaces

might expand until

they swallow the song

and silence is certain.



“The Last Jazz Fan” was first published in Chronogram. Copyright 2017/2018 Kenneth Salzmann


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