Stories of Music

Here’s one for the many musicians on my friends list, and for the even greater number of serious music listeners. You want to own a copy of the new multimedia anthology, STORIES OF MUSIC, and you want give it as a gift. I received my contributor’s copies yesterday and can tell you that it is simply gorgeous in every way, from concept to design to content. It is stories, artwork, poetry, and song, all exploring the impact of music in our lives and told on the page and through scannable codes that take you to audio or video renditions. It crosses genres and includes contributions from around the globe. I have nothing to gain from peddling the book here–I was paid a flat fee upfront–but I thought you would want to know about this lovely and unique alternative to the season’s shopping madness.

Here’s the book:

And here is my contribution, in text and audio:…/SOMv1WebEd/reader.html…


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