Steroids in baseballl? My historian son and his colleague  think a little context is in order, as they propose in this OpEd.

(The Chicago Tribune has a paywall, but there’s a simple and free way to sign up for a few free articles.)

Our Nation of Bionic Workers

By Sarah  F. Rose  and  Joshua  A. T.  Salzmann

September 25, 2013, Chicago Tribune

As Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez prepares to appeal his 211-game suspension, seeking the $86 million remaining on his contract, it would be easy to dismiss him as a steroid-using cheat. But the narrative of A-Rod as a greedy fraud obscures the fact that players’ use of steroids has been driven by the changing business of baseball. Ironically, Major League Baseball’s arbitrator will be deciding the fate of the industry’s own creation, even as MLB and the Yankees escape with their profits intact. Read more . . .



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September 25, 2013 · 9:58 pm

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